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Our Vision

The vision of Abba Behavioral Health is to be recognized as a better alternative for individuals suffering from mental illness.  Our philosophy is characterized by:

  • Understanding of and sensitivity to our resident and their families
  • Appreciation of integrated application of current practices of psychotherapy, psycho-education and the best clinical care.
  • An interdisciplinary staff approach that will consider the whole person and work as a team for the benefit of the resident.
  • Cooperation with organizations and agencies working together for the benefit of our residents.
  • Commitment to promote and improve the mental well-being of our resident

Our Mission

Our mission is to set the standard of excellence in behavioral health services that will promote quality of life by providing individualized and quality care to renew hope and minimize the hurt of individuals suffering from mental illness.



Make quality mental health care affordable and accessible to individuals and families.


Adhere to a standard of excellence in mental health care and addiction disorders.


Build a safer and healthier community by improving the life of mental health individuals.


Provide a safe, supportive and caring environment to renew hopes and dreams of individuals and   families coping with mental illness.


Offer internal culture and environment to our employees that supports personal and professional growth.


Demonstrate commitment to our customers by developing partnerships with professionals in the community by delivering the best quality of specialized services to families, agencies and community while always putting the patient first.

Our Services

The support we provide include the psychiatric and personal level of care including medication administration and management, diabetes administration and management (including insulin shots), wound care, incontinence care, low mobility care (such as wheelchair, bedbound, semi-paralysis or quads), Special Diets (consistency, and content).

Eligible individuals are Title XIX SMI


Conducted by a licensed counselor


Conducted by a licensed counselor


Certified highly trained BHTs & Certified Caregivers staff and care for you or your loved one!


Approach to care.


Our therapy animal teams make miracles happen for our clients!


For the patient including an individualized interdisciplinary treatment plan.


All staff trained in the context of their medical, psychological and social-family needs, and creating a comprehensive course of treatment for the patient.


To manage leisure time and relationships provided by trained behavioral health technicians. 


Treatments and symptom management provided to patients and families by trained and licensed staff.


Including psychoeducational and psychosocial provided by master’s level clinician.


One on one therapy.


Family involvement and support as needed.

great reasons

to choose ABBA


We believe in the person and respect each person’s dignity and value their participation in services that meet their unique needs.

Individual Care

We believe that all services and support efforts should be designed around the special needs of the person.


We believe in providing all services and support in observation of ethical guidelines.

Improving Mental Health

We are committed to assisting people in improving their mental health, quality of life, their ability to maintain relationships, and be accepted and able to participate in the community.


We believe that our services should meet the requirements of best practice and result in positive outcomes


We believe it is our responsibility to be good stewards in the efficient and effective use of all human, fiscal, and material resources. We are dedicated to the continuous evaluation and improvement of the public mental health system.


We believe in placing emphasize on the continued education and development of our employees to continue to provide the best care and encourage professional growth.


We believe that our services and supports are shared with family members, communities and other providers which requires open communication and building positive relationships.


We believe that all providers should act in ethical, trustworthy, open and honest interactions daily while observing all safeguards and codes of conduct.


We encourage and work to promote community education and increasing the awareness, understanding and acceptance of people with behavioral health needs.


We believe that our openness to new ideas and change and willingness to seek dynamic and innovative ways to improve our services will lead to creative solutions to inspire hope and improve the lives of our patients.


We believe in respecting the culture and values of the people and families we serve by promoting diversity


  • I come down from Flagstaff to visit my niece April every few weeks (she has serve Asperger's) and every time I talk to her she tells me how much she loves it there and all the cool things they do. The house is always clean when I visit and the staff are always attentive. I cannot tell you the joy I get knowing she is in a quality home with the right care.

    Kathy Dehaan Flagstaff
  • I have to say after trying a few other group homes I was starting to get very discouraged, however, my son Samuel loves his room and the people at Abba. Your staff works so hard with the clients and every time I visit I see progression with my own eyes. I am so thrilled to have finally found a place that works for my loved one.

    Marsha Wilson Glendale
  • Abba Behavioral Health has really made the transition so much easier for my family member. I feel rest assured now that they are finally getting the care they need. Thank you so much for your dedication and your team is a godsend.

    Cecil Rivers Phoenix

Our Staff

  • Mark Towns Co-Owner


    Mark Towns is a business development professional who has a passion for helping treatment programs and communities thrive. He completed a Bachelors of Science in Psychology at Arizona State University in 2011, and has a diverse background in behavioral health spanning 18 years. Mark has worked as direct care staff for several populations serving individuals with a mental illness, those in substance abuse recovery, and people with developmental disabilities. 

    He has served in several leadership positions including Clinical Coordinator for Southwest Network, Director of Business Development for Pacific Grove Hospital in Riverside Ca, and most recently, as Director of Business Development for Quail Run Behavioral Health in Phoenix Az. Mark is the co-owner of ABBA behavioral health group home which specializes in providing treatment for individuals with a mental illness and chronic disease, who require increased assistance with activities of daily living. Mark is passionate about helping others and believes that innovative business development and marketing are the keys to increasing access to healthcare for everyone.

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