Title Behavioral Health Technician (BHT)
Salary TBD
Job Information

The Qualifications Required

  • Bachelor’s degree in behavioral health or related field
  • Bachelor’s degree in any field plus one year working in a licensed behavioral health service treatment facility
  • High school diploma or GED, and a combined total of four years education in behavioral health and/or experience working in a licensed behavioral health service treatment facility


  • BHTs provide services and activities for clients that meet program requirements.
  • BHTs administer prescription medication undertraining and supervisory oversight of the Registered Nurse.
  • BHTs are knowledgeable in treatment of behavioral disorders and interventions.
  • BHTs specialized in working with clients with behavioral disorders and will be responsible for monitoring and recording physical and emotional symptoms.
  • BHTs will provide a positive role model for all staff in the practice of safe redirection and interventions with clients and will provide in services as needed


  • Level 1 Fingerprint card
  • First Aid/CPR card
  • Current TB test
  • 2 references
  • And proof of experience working in behavioral health

The shifts are 7P-7A and 7A-7P/ weekend hours also available and up for discussion

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Title Caregiver
Salary TBD
Job Information

Job Skills: 

  • Attention to Detail: Some clients have specific  rules or schedules that must be minded, or specific rules that must be followed
  • Stamina: Caregivers might need to lift clients in the bathtub. Cars and into bed, and need strength
  • Time management” Caregivers are schedule keepers, Caregivers have to be there to make sure clients get up on time, make sure medication is taken or administered on schedule and clients get to appointments
  • Interpersonal Skill: Caregivers work in a very personal way with their clients.  Some will be in pain or very sensitive to their fragility.  Caregivers must be sensitive and compassionate

Qualifications Required:

  • Compassionate caregiver capable of working with old/young people; understands/recognizes their needs and feelings. Cooks, launders clothing and pays special attention to the physical condition of the patients.
  • High school diploma required (college degree preferred)
  • Current and valid caregiver certification
  • Current and valid first aid and CPR certification
  • Extensive experience working with mental illness
  • Impeccable written and oral communication skills
  • Experience and knowledge working with patients who have chronic and acute conditions
  • Ability to problem solve quickly
  • Level 1 fingerprint clearance card


  • Attends to all resident personal hygiene and personal care needs, including but not limited to grooming, hygiene, dining and nutritional, mobility, elimination, psychosocial and safety needs.
  • Organizes all supplies necessary to complete the tasks. Supports residents in self care, and provides care as necessary for those unable to care for their own needs.
  • Follows universal precautions, proper infection control, sanitation and safety standards of practice in all work and activities.
  • Provides restorative therapy under the leadership of therapy professionals and in accordance with the resident’s functional maintenance plan
  • Observes residents closely, identifying changing needs and conditions at first indication, and reports immediately to nursing or household leadership as appropriate.
  • Participates actively in the resident’s care planning and care conference, serving as the residents’ closest advocate in directing their care and honoring their preferences
  • Consistently works with all household team members, led by resident and family preference to meet the needs and desires of all household residents
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